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Working out Loud for a Better World – Part II

A friend sent me a story this morning that describes how officials in New York City have been frustrated with the city’s domestic violence problem, “Domestic Abuse Killings Climb as Murders Drop, Frustrating New York Officials.”  Among several issues, the story highlights the “spotty coordination and communication among the police, prosecutors, city […]


Brandy, you were a fine girl

Friends of mine have told me I should share more of my personal story to make the experience more real to people who’ve never experienced abuse or violence of any kind. “Get your own story out there. Write about it passionately as you do… what you went through, and marry […]


Trust Me, You Need to Read This

Leading in the 21st Century network era requires skills we have not honed in the achievements and accomplishments that delivered us to this position of leadership.  Yesterday, I was watching Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State, talking candidly about the careful art of negotiation: “The longer I do this, […]