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What Boomers Know

Networks and spheres of influence have been around a long, long while.  Communications and computer advances have just given network actors agency and expediency.  I’ve been starting to partition my career into two distinct eras: BT and AT (Before Twitter and After Twitter).  I first wrote about the Internet in my […]

Leading from the Center

What’s the most important quality a leadership will require in the Network Era? Humility. This might be the most difficult lesson to learn for future executives.  Power will not be automatically anointed by virtue of title, salary, corner office, or company jet.  You’ll have to earn the respect and commitments of […]

The Enterprise Social Web We Lost

Around the time I was enmeshed in a deep existential crisis over my life’s work and current occupation, Anil Dash wrote this piece on his blog: The Web We Lost.  Somehow I missed that post when it was originally published, but it’s uncanny that he wrote it the same month […]