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Trust Me, You Need to Read This

Leading in the 21st Century network era requires skills we have not honed in the achievements and accomplishments that delivered us to this position of leadership.  Yesterday, I was watching Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State, talking candidly about the careful art of negotiation: “The longer I do this, […]


Let Go and Let Human

“Leaders’ fear to give up control trumps their ability to trust…” – Frédéric Laloux, Reinventing Organizations We now cite “The Laloux Book” as if it were the Big Book at an AA meeting when we think carefully about decisions we’re making at Change Agents Worldwide.   We see ourselves as […]


The Transparency Ditch

Transparency is easy when it’s all going really well.  Everyone’s eager to share, share, share and be open and excited about working together in a jumble of harmonious zeal. Until something goes wrong.  Someone is offended.  Someone doesn’t agree.  Someone feels slighted. That’s when transparency takes a back seat to […]