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What is there to say that hasn’t been said about Susan. She is a high tech industry heavyweight that connects all dots in the Enterprise 2.0 landscape. Engaging, proactive, innovative and studious, Susan’s ability to pioneer, launch and drive the 2.0 Adoption Council from nothing to all-star status is now legendary. It’s an honour to be in her circle & I would vouch for anything that she touches in the future.

Susan knows more about the important companies, trends, AND people around the new technologies of collaborative work than anyone else in my network. She seems to know everything and everyone, and her information is always up to date. In addition, she has a deep curiosity about technology’s impact on business. I learn from her, rely on her, and always look forward to interacting with her.

Susan is the lighthouse for Enterprise 2.0 and Enterprise Collaboration adoption. Susan understands that the collective intelligence nurtured through Enterprise 2.0 drives a competitive advantage for companies willing to understand and execute the correct strategies. Susan does a fantastic job setting the direction and driving the conversation for those companies willing to listen. In a space where most are postulating and evangelizing, Susan is doing. She deserves a great deal of credit for moving this critical area forward.

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