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Susan is a dedicated bridge builder who is exploring innovative and modern solutions to ending domestic violence. She has engaged me in conversations about strategies and ideas that are not only creative, but victim-centered and brings the battered women’s movement into the technology era.  Data and outcomes are the future to ending domestic violence.

Working with Susan has delivered great dividends to our organization.  The expertise Susan assembled and brought to the High Point Police Department has helped inform our thinking and support our efforts.  She has introduced new ideas and new thinking to our agency – especially on the role data plays – that we’d ordinarily not have discovered on our own.

Susan knows more about the important companies, trends, AND people around the new technologies of collaborative work than anyone else in my network. She seems to know everything and everyone, and her information is always up to date. In addition, she has a deep curiosity about technology’s impact on business. I learn from her, rely on her, and always look forward to interacting with her.

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