Speaker Topics

Susan will speak privately to groups interested in understanding the role technology can play to address the social epidemic of intimate partner violence. She is available for private on-site presentations, teleconferences, and webinars. 

Current topics include:

High Point 10-79

The High Point Model:  What is it?  Why is it so effective?

Working very closely with the High Point Police since 2014, Susan has had a birds-eye view into what makes the High Point Model so promising.  Now underway in over a half-dozen replication site cities, the High Point Model has been cited by the DOJ’s Office of Violence Against Women as a modern-day solution to this social epidemic. This talk features a 17-minute preview of the documentary currently in production on the High Point Model.



Big Mountain Data: Overview and Mission

This talk will discuss Big Mountain Data’s unique approach to addressing domestic violence with a data-driven approach. Using data already available in law enforcement and social services databases, we can create applications and services to predict and deter violent crimes against women. We’ll provide an overview of our history, how we approach the market, and go into detail on some of the challenging and exciting projects we’ve worked on since our inception.  Included in the talk will be a short preview of our documentary on the High Point Model.



Guns and Domestic Violence: A Lethal Combination

This talk discusses the alarming relationship between firearms and intimate partner violence.  “When it comes to gun violence, the most dangerous place for a woman in the developed world is America.” – Everytown for Gun Safety.  The risk of homicide to women in a relationship with an abuser increases 500% if a gun is in the home.  Moreover, the uncanny link between terrorist activity and a history of intimate partner violence is prompting security officials to consider this important marker in surveilling potential threats.



Why Did She Stay?  Why Did She Leave?

After the video featuring NFL star Ray Rice slugging his fiancèe in an elevator in Atlantic City hit the airwaves, a national outcry erupted from women everywhere who’d been abused in a relationship.  A viral Twitter campaign hit the Internets generating nearly a quarter million tweets with the hashtags #WhyIStayed #WhyILeft in the space of a few weeks.  Big Mountain Data took the pre-emptive step to catalogue all those tweets and analyze what these brave women actually said.  Many had never “come out” as a domestic violence survivor before, including Susan.  It was a powerful moment in the annals of women’s history, and we captured the data.  Hear how this project developed and the amazing support we got form our partners at Salesforce and The Tremendousness Collective.